First Post – very honest post

After creating this blog several months ago, I still could not think of the best-memorable-first-post to start, to impress the reader who is currently non-existence.  Only to get things rolling, I am writing this very first post with my sincerely honest feeling.

About this blog
I declare that I am starting this blog to practise and to polish my storytelling skills as well as to put my random ideas, thoughts and realisations about different language, cultures, technologies and learning in this too complicated and impossible world to understand.  Although I know that more sophisticated style of writing may be required for more professional purposes, I will keep this style of writing for now.  I will appreciate your criticism but I am a person who grows up more with praises.

About me
I am a culturally homeless person (or rather say I am a person who lives in the cultural corridor), who was born in Japan and lived in many different countries as a student, hippie, artist, salaryman and professional.  My motto is never to judge the others as I have never experienced or gone through their lives.  I am very curious and get excited about almost everything.  I particularly will not shut up about cultures/languages, psycho-analysis of something or someone, science fiction, movies (and its concept), utilising technology to make your life more interesting and idealistic ideas to make the world better.

…and now I have set a tone of how I am going to write, what kind of style I am writing (for now), the ideas for next posts are flowing in my head!

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